СТЕННИ ТЕРМОПАНЕЛИ - открит монтаж ( открита сглобка )

    The standard both faces are slightly shaped “standard” type or flat. The standard steel sheet thickness of both faces is 0.40mm - 0.45mm. The standard top coating on both faces is Polyester 25μm in RAL scale colours. Under request are available variable steel sheet thickness, coatings and colours, according to the specific demands of the building.

    Special features

    1. Suitable shaping of the external sheet to resist external influences such as weather, temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress.
    2. Factory-fitted foam tape in the female side of overlap for a greater jointing sealability.
    3. Aluminium foil strip, less gas escapes from the polyurethane cells thus ensuring good conductivity for longer.
    4. Polyurethane foam core CFC Free & HCFC Free. Harmless to the environment and safe for the ozone layer.
    Panel Type Outer sheet thickness
    Inner sheet thickness
    (kg/m 2)
    Heat transmission
    U (W/m 2K)
    Max length
    WL/FW 40 0.45 0.45 40 8.61 0.51 16.0
    WL/FW 50 0.45 0.45 50 8.99 0.42
    WL/FW 60 0.45 0.45 60 9.37 0.35

    Thermal conductivity "λ" = 0,02 W/m*K

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